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First time right beyond imagination.
Simplify and automate advanced print jobs, including added- value, multi-stepped and double-sided applications, making high-quality print files ready in an instant.


Save time, save money and offer high-margin applications

As a print service provider, you are constantly looking for new ways to expand your business without the need for operators to master complex design software. At the same time, you face the challenge of finding ways to increase efficiency in prepress; not only to save time and money, but also to be able to produce shorter print runs efficiently.

PRISMAguide XL makes your workflow one smooth process. Stay in control by combining multiple production steps into a unified visualised print production process. This saves time, eliminates the need for extensive operator training, and reduces costly errors.

Save time and money

Design and preview multi-layered and double-sided print jobs using predefined PRISMAguide XL recipes for ready-made solutions. Work smarter and save time and money in prepress by printing first time right.

Increase efficiency

Automate prepress tasks and speed up jobs by reusing proven recipes. Reduce job preparation time: PRISMAguide XL delivers printable data directly to the print queue of your Arizona and Colorado printer. Create patterns for a variety of print applications, using simple step & repeat functionality.

New business opportunities

Diversify your business by creating higher-value graphical print applications and produce high-quality samples to attract new customers and projects.

Key benefits

  • Simplify job preparation

    Automate and simplify advanced print job preparation, including multi-layered and double-sided print applications, so that print files are ready in an instant.

  • Reuse valuable expertise

    Benefit from the intuitive prepress software that stores the recipe for the print- ready file, enabling similar future jobs to be prepared more quickly and easily time after time, for long-term production efficiencies.

  • Recipes for success

    Design and preview multi-layered and double-sided print jobs using predefined PRISMAguide XL recipes for ready- made solutions, or create and try-out your own recipes.

  • Minimise media waste

    Avoid expensive media waste by previewing prints and finding the best print settings before starting the print process.

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PRISMAguide XL dio je paketa PRISMA XL Suite, skupa softverskih rješenja za tijekove poslovnog procesa koji pomažu grafičkim dizajnerima i davateljima usluga ispisivanja velikih formata u stvaranju nenadmašnih i nadahnjujućih primjena za ispisivanje.

Osim PRISMAguide XL, paket obuhvaća PRISMA Tools, PRISMAelevate XL, aplikaciju PRISMA remote i PRISMAservice.


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