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Canon launches the Cinema EOS C200

EOS C200

Canon EOS C200 is a new entry point to the 4K Cinema EOS range for videographers which will slot in between the C100 Mark II and the C300 Mark II. Allied with a host of flexible features for the professional videographer, the EOS C200 is the ultimate tool for a wide variety of production needs, from electronic news gathering and documentary making to corporate video, events and independent cinematography or education. James Morris explores the new camera’s key features and benefits.

Quality and dynamic range with cinema raw light

One of the star features with the EOS C200 is the new Cinema RAW Light format, which offers impressive dynamic range for the ultimate in creative possibilities. Cinema RAW Light format makes 4K recording available at a new low cost and gives the camera great potential for TV commercials or dramas. This is a derivative of Cinema RAW, but files are reduced to between a third and a fifth of the size. This still results in a 1Gbits/sec data rate that is extremely high quality, but within the capabilities of CFast 2.0™ storage, allowing the EOS C200 to record 4K DCI resolution to this format internally.

Another benefit of the new format is that the EOS C200’s already impressive 13 stops of latitude with MP4 recording and Canon Log / Log 3 is extended to 15 stops in Cinema RAW Light mode (when processed with Canon’s Cinema RAW Development 2.0 software with Canon Log 2). This gives the EOS C200 classleading abilities for high-end production work requiring maximum shadow and highlight detail for extensive grading options. The EOS C200 supports ACES 1.0 and the ST.2084 standard for on-set monitoring with a compatible monitor.

The EOS C200 can handle a very wide variety of lighting conditions from bright light to dark night time. For bright conditions, ISO 100 is supported for wide apertures and great background “bokeh”. At the other end of the scale, up to 102,400 ISO and 54dB gain can be applied. This makes shooting in extreme low light without artificial illumination creatively viable. Another popular Canon feature, built in ND, uses a dual-layer turret providing up to 10 stops.

Supreme shooting flexibility

As with other recent Canon Cinema models, Dual Pixel CMOS AF is supported. This supremely reliable and accurate autofocus system can take the place of a dedicated follow focus operative, keeping crew requirements to the minimum. The AF can now be tuned in the menu to precisely the behaviour required. The new touchscreen further aids focus control and AF point selection.

Central to the EOS C200’s powerful capabilities is its Super 35mm CMOS sensor. This boasts an effective 8.85Mpixels, and is now partnered by Dual DiGIC DV6 image processors. This potent combination enables a wide range of shooting resolutions and frame rates, all the way up to 4K/50P DCI (4,096 x 2160) Cinema RAW Light and 4K UHD/50P (3,840 x, 2,160) MP4, both of which can be recorded internally. When shooting 4K DCI footage, a 10-bit signal can be captured up to 50P, and 12-bit at up to 25P. With UHD in MP4, frame rates up to 50P are available with 8-bit colour.

One of the most frequent requests from existing Canon Cinema camera owners has also been addressed with the inclusion of high-speed shooting up to 120 frames per second in Full HD. The footage can be played back at half, quarter, or 20 per cent speed for frame-perfect, smooth slow motion.

Maximum recording flexibility is provided by the inclusion of dual SD card slots and a single CFast 2.0™ slot. The latter provides compatibility with other Canon 4K Cinema EOS cameras, and supports recording of 4K DCI Cinema RAW Light internally. The two SD card slots can be used for simultaneous MP4 formats up to UHD 4K. It’s also possible to record a 2K MP4 proxy to SD simultaneously with the 4K DCI captured to CFast 2.0™, for backup or proxy editing.

With UHS Class 3 SDXC cards, MP4-based 4K UHD can be recorded at a highquality 150Mbits/sec, whilst 2K or Full HD is captured at 35Mbits/sec. But the 4K DCI data rate is a very high 1Gbit/sec, using CFast 2.0™ storage. For 2K and Full HD, Over Sampling HD processing, as found in the flagship Canon Cinema EOS C700, is employed. This uses the 4K Bayer pattern to produce separate 4K RGB channels that are then resized to create the 2K signal. The advantage is suppressed moire and a very sharp, high quality image in 2K/Full HD.

EOS C200
The complete C200 bundle includes handle, monitor and handgrip, but the modular approach means it can be easily integrated into custom setups such as gimbals and drones.

Built on a solid foundation

The EOS C200 is available as a complete solution with monitor, handle, and hand grip included. However, the design is a highly flexible and configurable modular one that can be used with a variety of accessories and onnections or can be stripped right back for use on booms, gimbals and drones. A full range of professional connections is available on the camera body itself, with a pair of XLR audio ports, SDI, HDMI, and even Ethernet. So a huge range of peripheral devices can be connected. This includes a new touchscreen LCD for camera control and AF selection. Built-in Ethernet or WiFi can be used for browser-based control and FTP file transfer – great when the camera is being operated remotely. The same battery is used as the C300 Mark II.

All these amazing new features arrive alongside the core capabilities that have made Canon Cinema cameras so attractive. The EOS C200 uses the Canon EF lens mount. This provides access to the enormous range of Canon lenses using this system, from class-leading stills glass all the way to the 4K range of servo, prime and zoom Cine options. The EOS Cinema C200 is a Canon camera that spans every possibility from news gathering and events to indie film production. It’s the perfect workhorse for a vast range of situations.

Canon EOS Cinema C200 Key Features

  • 4K/50P recording in UHD or DCI 
  • Cinema RAW Light format provides high 1Gbit/sec data rate and class-leading 
  • 15 stops of latitude 
  • Internal recording of Cinema RAW Light to CFast 2.0™ storage 
  • Dual SD card slots for 2K proxy recording with 4K DCI or two streams of UHD / Full HD to MP4
  • High-speed Full HD recording at 120 frames per second
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF with touchscreen controls