Transforming your Business with Colour Printing

Despite the majority (61%) of businesses across the Middle East, Africa, Eurasia and Central and Eastern Europe associating colour documents with business achievement, many firms are still yet to embrace colour printing as a solid staple within their operations.

Whether it’s a matter of cost, or a lack of time to invest in change management for an entire team or to adjust to a brand new fleet of printers, numerous businesses are yet to see colour printing for the true asset that it can be.

Investing in colour printing can have a significant impact on both the internal and external practices of your business, delivering real return on investment (ROI). From an internal perspective, colour can enrich the flow of documents around a business and improve your internal communications strategy. It can also boost retention of information, and improve employee satisfaction, awarding staff with the tools and technology they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Colour printing has the ability to present a brand in the best possible light. High quality colour documents project an enhanced level of value that impresses customers and employees alike. From a customer facing perspective, a foray into colour can inject sales and marketing assets with life and stand your venture in the best stead for attracting new customers and sustaining earned business. This fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by businesses – with 43% of them admitting that they produce more colour documents than they were three years ago.

In terms of affordability, the true cost of colour printing is not simply down to just the cost of the device and its consumables. You should look also at the time and effort spent maintaining and managing the devices. Take time to study employee productivity - how easy is it to use the device? Does it add value to your workers processes? How easy is it to manage the devices? It’s important to look at the investment in colour as an asset to support and drive the existing communication strategy. Whatever technology is selected it must demonstrate high-performance, considerable uptime, regularity, usability and control. It should complement a company’s existing document production and management operation; but also have a limited impact on IT support and any current administration practices. This is not only important for ensuring efficiency and cost management with colour printing - but also for supporting business growth.

It is just as important to consider the transforming needs of your business. If your business is growing, either domestically or internationally, or you plan to generate growth – your requirements will shift. Considering a colour print solution that can scale to the growth plans is key. When managed in the correct way, the cost of print should not rise with the evolution of the businesses. Instead, it should be scalable and meet the expansion of the business. 

As your colour print solution scales to meet business growth, it must also deliver ROI and the key to guaranteeing this to establish a formal effectiveness evaluation. When a business has established a more accurate picture of its colour printing needs – it can then develop clear goals and objectives. Setting rules and access levels are crucial to control costs and delivering the necessary ROI. 

High-quality colour printing can drive huge benefits for businesses. The challenge is in making the right selection for now, and for the future. Whatever the scale of a company and however often the requirement – there will be a high-quality, flexible and cost effective colour printing solution that will meet your needs.